Casambi Gateway

Casambi - Ethernet - Gateway



The Casambi Gateway enables Ethernet-based integration of the Casambi Bluetooth system into a cross-system building managment or comprehensive lighting control system - including a variety of innovation options. Whether bidirectional communication, coupling two Casambi Bluetooth networks via Ethernet, programming via web interface, programming 16 commands (in- and outgoing), transparent bridge mode, the Casamvi Gateway opens up new dimensions in professional lighting control via smartphone and tablet.

Casambi to Ethernet Network
- Scenes called up at Casambi can initiate Ethernet Network commands

Ethernet Network to Casambi
- Call scenes
- Groups can be set to a value
- Broadcast Levelcan be called up
- Casambi button can be emulated
- Transfer ov movement Sensor Values
- Transfer of brightness sensor values

Gateway Mode
- Transparent Gateway Mode for all Casambi commands

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